Secret Cell Phone Tapping

Here's how cell phone tapping can be easy!

Listen To Cell Phone Conversations!

The most advanced feature of all cell phone tapping programs is the ability to listen to cell phone conversations.  This single feature gives you so much power since you can literally “tap in” to any phone and hear exactly what the person is saying (and who they are talking to!)

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Listen to cell phone conversations (and more!)…

The above program (SpyPhone Gold) is my top recommendation if you want to listen to cell phone conversations.  It’s an incredibly easy program to use and the cell spying features it has are incredbily powerful.

And I want to focus on one feature it has that lets you do even more than just listen to cell phone conversations.


This program comes loaded with a “remote listening” feature that in my opinion can be even more useful than being able to listen in to live phone calls.  This takes it to the next level……

The remote listening feature lets you use the cell phone as your own private listening device.  Let me explain:


Let’s say that the person whose phone you’re tapping into is at a restaurant with someone.  Obviously at this point they aren’t on their cell phone, so even if you can listen to cell phone conversations you’re not able to hear what they’re saying…

But imagine if you could use their cell phone as a microphone!  This is exactly what you’re able to do with SpyPhone!


At anytime you can “activate” this feature on their phone and you’ll be able to hear what’s going on around the phone.  It turns the phone into a spy microphone!

For many people, this feature is the one that delivers them the answers that they need.


How to listen to cell phone conversations – Conclusion

Tapping a cell phone is the hottest surveillance tool on the market right now because it lets you know exactly what someone is doing without the other person ever knowing that you’re “Watching”.  Being able to see all the activity from their cell phone gives you a complete look into their personal lives.

And with the more advanced programs like SpyPhone Gold, you not only are able to listen to cell phone conversations but you can use the cell phone as a microphone to listen live to what’s going on.


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