Secret Cell Phone Tapping

Here's how cell phone tapping can be easy!

Bugging A Cell Phone

Bugging a cell phone is done so that you can listen to all the phone calls that take place on the phone.  This includes both the calls made and received on the phone.

But bugging a cell phone gets you access to a ton more than just the phone calls!  You can also read the person’s text messages, see their full contact lists, look over any instant messages, track where the phone is located at any time…..and there’s more too….


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Bugging a cell phone explained

What’s the number one reason for bugging a cell phone?

Recently I’ve seen more and more people using cell phone tapping software to find out if their spouse or lover is cheating on them.  And this makes perfect sense – if you think that you’re spouse might be cheating bugging their cell phone would let you find out for sure.


bugging a cell phoneAnytime someone is in a position where they need to know what someone else is up to, cell phone tapping is one of the easiest ways to uncover the truth.

When you think about how much cell phones are used for these days, you can see how much you would know about someone if you could see everything they do on their phone.  And being able to listen in to their phone calls gives you the power to know who they’re talking to and exactly what they’re doing…..

Which makes this tool one of the most popular surveillance tools on the market!



Bugging a cell phone details

The software used to bug a cell phone is designed to be extremely easy to use.  When you’re bugging a cell phone you install the software onto the phone (which takes a couple of minutes) and then you can see what’s happening on the phone simply by logging on to a special website where all the phone activity is tracked.

And the software isn’t detectable once it’s on the phone.  So if you don’t know it’s installed, there’s no way for you to find out that it’s on the cell phone.


Bugging a cell phone is a great “spy” tool that lets you find out answers about what anyone is up to.


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